Ultratlight Backpacking

When we talk about packing all your stuff and gear ready for your backpacking trip, it could be very simple for you to over pack.Ultralight backpacking is a form of travellingfor those who have abolished the idea that we need to pack every little necessity that one needs. Ultralight backpacking is generally classes as a pack that weighs 25 lbs(10kg)or less, which is easily achievable with some tips and tricks!

Here are a few tips when planning your next ultralight backpacking adventure


The first thing that you need to think of is to ditch all things that are not important. You must try to think and if you could do things without that that item, then just leave it behind. Try to think of think items, which could be utilized for more than one task. This could be quite simple if you will give it some thought. For instance, do you need to bring a lid for a pot or will the base of your cooking pot do the job?

Another thing that you need to take into consideration and that could be used for more than one tasks are objects like candles. Bringing these with you could do more than just one thing and could offer you sustained light. In addition to that, you could use it to assist in making fire and it could also work as a perfect waterproofing agent. If you will compare it to a lamp or a lantern, which has added weight due to its the batteries, bring a candle with you that weighs next to nothing.

On the other hand, parachute cord is a very helpful piece of tool and must always be included in your pack. This could be used for different tasks, from using it as a clothing line, emergency bootlaces, utilizing it as guy-lines for your tarp or tent and even using for tying complex shapes stuff to your pack.
Now, ask yourself if you really need to bring a whole set of cutlery. You will find countless of items in the market like spork that combines a fork at one end and spoon on the other and bring a small pocket knife as this is all what you need. You can also buy lightweight Titanium cookware instead of buying heavy stainless steel pans and pots.

Dehydrated meals

If you think that you will gain access to a plenty supply of good water on your selected route, then you could save some weight in your food through taking a good amount of dehydrated ready foods as an alternative to heavy canned goods. In addition, you can take crackers with you as an alternative to bread as they are not just lighter but also, they do not go stale as fast as bread would do.
These things are just some of the useful ideas on how you could cut down or lessen the weight and enjoy your next trip. Now, you are rest assured that that when you contemplate, you are now capable of coming up with some more ideas that will enable you to be a good lightweight camper.