ultralight backpacking foods
ultralight backpacking food

Ultralight backpacking food

Besides water, the food you bring on your next trip is the most important item. Ultralight backpacking food will bring you energy as well as boost your morale – especially if it’s a tough hike. There are many foods that will suffice for short trips, but for the longer trips you are going to need some dense, calorie rich food to keep you going for longer.

Ultralight Backpacking Food to take on your ultralight backpacking trip :

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a great source of protein and fats which will give you longer lasting energy, as well as keep you “full” for longer – allowing you to save some for later. The fat in the Peanut butter also acts as a preservative, so it will keep longer than most carbohydrates such as bread and other packaged goods.


As previously mentioned with the peanut butter, nuts are also a great snack. Grab a handful when your out and about and they will suffice in providing your body with energy and are great on the go. Nuts are also relatively cheap. If you compare the price of nuts with the actually calorie density and energy output of nuts, it outweighs most other foods and is the best ultralight backpacking food overall.

Dehydrated foods

Dehydrated foods are great because they have had all the water and weight taken from them, which means the product has still got all the nutrients you would expect from the original product but without the weight. Because dehydrated foods are also snap lock packaged, the food has a long expiry time before you have to eat it.


Now this one is a little left field but jerky is an amazing source of protein. because jerky is essentially a dehydrated meat, it is compact, stores well (if preserved properly with salt) extremely ultralight and contains up to %50 protein because of its protein-to-weight ratio.


Now while crackers are a great source of fast energy, there isn’t really a lot of sustenance that goes along with biscuits or crackers. If you are planning on providing a quick source of energy i would recommend crackers over other carbohydrates such as bread mainly for the fact that they are high in preservatives, which will give your food a longer trip life before they become stale.


If you are going backpacking any longer than a day, i would recommend taking at least 2-4 liters per day minimum if you are going to be hiking constantly. As water weighs 1000 gms per 1 liter its essential that water is your number 1 priority. Camel Bak bags are great because they contain in-built bladders to store water.

Because food is basically the difference between life and death, it can be easy to overstock on unnecessary food items. Hopefully out list of ultralight backpacking food gives you a better guide into what to take on your next backpacking trip

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