Whether your out in the wilderness or your crammed up in backpackers dorm room, your going to want a great ultralight backpacking sleeping bag to slip into at the end of a hard day of adventuring.

Ultralight sleeping bags come in a range of styles, shapes, colors, materials all with their respective features and designs. Depending on the climate your currently in, you may want to decide on things like material, thickness and density of your sleeping bag. If you are going to be travelling to multiple countries or climates it may even pay to get a lightweight thinner material and then if it gets any colder than you thought, can add extra layers of clothing for warmth.

Ultralight sleeping bags are quite affordable these days, and are a great addition for when your roughing it.

Here are a few tips when using your Ultralight backpacking sleeping bag

Save space : Most Sleeping bags come with a clip or strap attached to the outside carry bag which is great for clipping onto the outside of your pack; allowing more room inside the bag.

Repacking : when repacking the sleeping bag back into it’s case, there’s no need to be meticulate! If you stuff your sleeping bag into it’s case apposed to rolling it, it expands it’s life as well as takes half the time and stops the inner material from getting compressed into a permanent figure.

Makeshift pillow : Because the sleeping bag is padded all around, put a small bagpack or bag of clothes under the sleeping bag to act as a makeshift pillow to save the hassle of bringing a pillow or headrest. I’ts actually extremely comfortable.

Below is a list of ultralight backpacking sleeping bags we’ve found that tick all the boxes for your next trip!