Ultralight Backpacking Tents – Round 1!

Aside from food, shelter is one of the top creature comforts that reminds us of home when we are out backpacking.Ultralight backpacking tents are an essential armory in your adventures, because if your going to be travelling a fair way your going to want a tent that’s not going to weigh you down.Pack weight is one of those thing we rarely address until it’s too late and we’ve accumulated alot of stuff we don’t need.With your life stuffed into a bag, your now ready to dive into the world of ultralight backpacking tents.

Things to consider:

How many people will be sleeping in the tent?

If your a solo traveler your probably going to be pretty content with a single person tent. Although these tents are of course labelled for 1 person tent, a 2 person tent offers greater room to store all your valuable and delicate belongings inside the tent with you at all times, especially if i’ts raining outside.

Where will I be using my tent?

Although most ultralight backpacking tents are waterproof, some are not equipped with water protective material. Especially in high downpour areas, you don’t want all your camping gear and valuables to get water damaged.A tent with waterproof tarps are the most practical because they protect the tent from rain while still allowing the breathable under material of the tent to free-flow.

Ultralight Backpacking Tent Features

If your going to be backpacking for a while you definitely want to have creature comforts. Mosquito netting windows, interior pockets to store your phone, and ceiling light clips (great for night-time reading) are all features worth looking for when your ready to take the step in purchasing a ultralight tent

Last but not least : Price

I have seen some really great backpacking tents that shouldn’t break the budget are ultralight, and in my eyes they live up to all the expectations. Although this may not be your home forever,it’s really important to consider how much you are willing to pay for your humble abode.

Below I have included my best ultralight backpacking tent picks from different categories

Check them out below!

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